Reduce and reuse

The best way to reduce waste is to avoid creating it in the first place.

Victorians are reducing their waste by:

  • purchasing only what they need
  • reducing food waste in the home (Love Food Hate Waste has lots of tips)
  • saying no to plastic bags and using reusable bags instead—reusable fruit and vegetable bags are also available
  • buying items with the least amount of packaging or packaging that is recyclable
  • avoiding disposable products and buying products which are durable, reusable or recyclable
  • repairing instead of replacing
  • reducing their resource and energy usage
  • buying products in bulk or concentrated form to reduce packaging.


If you have items you no longer need, and they are in good, working condition, consider:

Donating to charity

Donating to charity helps others in need and reduces the environmental damage from production of new items.

Baby goods

Due to mandatory safety standards many op shops do not accept prams, strollers, change tables, cots, portacots, highchairs, car restraints, and bouncers. St Kilda Mums is a volunteer group that collects and re-homes baby goods through various charities and maternal health units. Due to the nature of these donations there are a number of important requirements that need to be adhered to. Please visit the website to see what items are accepted and to find out more about these requirements before offering a donation.

Donating spectacles 

Drop off your old or unused spectacles or sunglasses at your local Specsavers store. The spectacles will be donated to people in need overseas as part of the Lions Recycle For Sight program.

Giving it away, selling it or swapping it online

Sell or give away on Facebook Marketplace, Buy Swap Sell, Freecycle, Gumtree, ebay, etc. Search ‘buy, sell, swap’ ‘good karma’ or ‘freecycle’ Facebook groups operating in your local area.

Advertise through your building e.g. noticeboard, newsletter, Facebook group.

Resale centres

You can recycle unwanted household items through resale centres at several resource recovery and transfer stations across Melbourne:


If the item doesn’t work, consider:

Fixing it

Local waste services

Last updated: 26/03/2021