Resource recovery centres and transfer stations accept a wide range of items for recycling – check Where to Recycle items. 
(City of Yarra residents can read about their Community Resource Recovery Hubs here. Melton City residents can read about the Melton Resale Centre here.)

Household chemicals

Toxic household chemicals - such as solvents, poisons, cleaning products, fertiliser and car care products can be safely recycled, at no cost, through Sustainability Victoria’s  Detox Your Home program.

There are permanent drop off locations that also accept household paint, batteries and fluorescent lights. Visit Detox Your Home to find out more.

Printer cartridge recycling

Cartridges 4 Planet Ark has been running for over 10 years with 18 million printer cartridges recycled in that time. Drop off your used printer cartridges at all Officeworks and JB Hi-Fi stores and selected Australia Post, Harvey Norman and The Good Guys stores. Click here for your nearest drop off location.

The Samsung S.T.A.R.T Program also provides free service for Samsung business customers to recycle empty printer cartridges.


Recycle your old cameras and camera accessories through Camera Recycle. Simply drop off the camera and/or accessories at one of their convenient locations around Australia.

Battery recycling programs

Household batteries can also be recycled at various permanent drop off and ‘Batteryback’ locations across Victoria. Visit Sustainability Victoria to find out more.

Check the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative website for information about recycling all kinds of batteries.

ALDI stores provide a free recycling service for householders to recycle their AA, AAA, C, D and 9V sized batteries (rechargeable and non-rechargeable). The battery recycling bins are  in every ALDI store. Read more about the ALDI battery take back scheme.

Car batteries

Most car workshops, scrap metal dealers and service stations will accept used car batteries for recycling, or you can check with your car battery vendor.

Visit Century Yuasa to find your nearest lead-acid car battery recycling centre.

Tyre recycling

A number of tyre retailers in Victoria will recycle your unwanted tyres. Check out the Tyre Cycle website to find a retailer near you.

Many resource recovery centres and transfer stations also recycle tyres - check to see where to recycle these items.

Fluorescent lights

Unbroken fluorescent lights can be recycled via Fluorocycle drop off locations. Many resource recovery centres and transfer stations also accept these items - check to see where to recycle them.


Last updated: 20/05/2020