Mattress waste is growing. In 2014 metropolitan councils (through kerbside collections, transfer stations and illegal dumping) collected around 232,000 mattresses – and as our population grows, it is expected that the number of discarded mattresses will continue to grow.

There are a range of mattress recycling processes ranging from refurbishment, manual dismantling coupled with mechanical separation, to mixed shredding that recovers steel – but these recycling methods are incomplete. Almost half of all mattress materials are still sent to landfill.

MWRRG sees opportunities to maximise the recycling of mattresses and has published a mattress recycling report to identify potential technologies and methodologies that could improve recycling rates (please see the report below)

Residents wanting to dispose of mattresses can do so via their council hard waste collection or use our Where to Recycle search to find your nearest mattress recycler.



  • Mattress recycling report Report 1.4 MB

    This mattress recycling report identifies the current status of mattress recycling in Melbourne and Geelong and highlights potential technologies and methodologies that could improve recycling rates.

Mattress recycling case studies

Last updated: 20/05/2020