Kerbside collections

Many items (such as paper, cardboard, plastic, glass jars) can be recycled through the kerbside collection provided by your local council. You can find out more by visiting Sustainability Victoria's recycling information page.

Most metropolitan Melbourne councils also provide green waste recycling services for garden waste through either bin or bundle collections at your kerbside. Some councils are now also accepting food waste in their green waste bin.

Different councils provide different recycling services. Please check your local council’s waste and recycling services before putting items in the recycling bin by using the search below.


Bin standardisation

Councils across Australia are aligning the colours and sizes of their kerbside bins to meet the Australian Standard. Consistent colours and sizes for recycling, garbage and organics bins across the country will help reduce public confusion about which bins to use and improve recycling behaviour.

MWRRG has developed a Bin Standardisation Guide for councils to assist with their transition to Australian Standard bin requirements. Read more.

Last updated: 20/05/2020