Organics strategy

 To increase the recovery, processing and beneficial use of organic waste (garden and food) collected by councils, and to support the Victorian Organics Resource Recovery Strategy MWRRG is developing an organics processing network for metropolitan Melbourne.

When completed Melbourne’s organics processing network will provide opportunities for food and green organics processing facilities that will service over three quarters of households in the Melbourne metropolitan area and have the potential capacity to divert over 450,000 tonnes of food and garden waste a year away from landfill.

The $3.3 million Metropolitan Organics Strategy Fund is supporting the procurement of new facilities and helping to develop viable markets for the end-product, composts and compost products.

The Back to Earth Initiative was developed to support implementation of the organic strategy through raising community awareness and understanding around the benefits of organics recycling and the correct use of kerbside services.

Market Development

Market development is a priority to ensure the long-term viability of organics processing. MWRRG offers market development programs in conjunction with the community and local governments.

The Victorian Government Recycled Organics Market Development program supports the development of the compost industry and markets for recycled products.

Last updated: 20/05/2020