Organics for business

Businesses and organisations can play an important role in reducing organic waste going to landfill, particularly those that provide food services such as such hospitals, aged care providers, hotels, cafes, restaurants and food courts in shopping centres.

In the Victorian retail and hospitality sector, organic waste makes up the majority of waste to landfill. However, there are a range of actions that businesses can take to reduce food ending up in landfill including reducing food wasted, sending excess food to food recovery charities, and recycling food.

The Department of Health and Human Services has developed a food organics recycling guide and calculator. This guide assists small to medium food service organisations reduce food waste going to landfill, potentially save costs, reduce negative environmental impacts (including greenhouse gas emissions), and demonstrate environmental leadership.



  • Guidance on approvals, regulations and safety for organics units Guidance Document 218 KB

    This guidance is for small to medium food service organisations considering installing organics units. It builds on the Victorian food organics recycling guide by providing additional information on approvals and regulations, and health and safety precautions.


Last updated: 08/03/2017