Shortlisted companies announced in the search for alternatives to landfill

In March 2020 MWRRG called for Expressions of Interest for solutions to provide an alternative to landfill for 16 councils in Melbourne’s south east.

We’re pleased to announce that after a competitive tendering process three tenderers, including world leading providers of resource recovery infrastructure, have been shortlisted to join the solution development stage of the procurement:

  • Veolia Environmental Services Australia
  • Sacyr Environment Australia
  • Pacific Partnerships and REMONDIS (A consortium comprised of Pacific Partnerships and REMONDIS Australia, together with CIMIC Group Companies CPB Contractors and UGL)

Landfills in the south east of Melbourne are filling up and no more are planned to be built. Household rubbish in the 16 councils is projected to increase by 40% over the next 25 years.

Veolia Environmental Services Australia, Sacyr Environment Australia and Pacific Partnerships and REMONDIS will work with the 16 councils to develop an advanced waste processing solution that delivers environmental, economic and social benefits to the community.

Best outcomes will be achieved by minimising our waste, reusing or recycling, and then what is left over can go to advanced waste processing.

Advanced waste processing will help the Victorian government deliver on its circular economy strategy – Recycling Victoria – a 10year plan that will completely overhaul Victoria’s recycling sector and reduce waste going to landfill.

Advanced waste processing solutions will play a significant role in achieving the new target to divert 80 per cent of household rubbish from landfill by 2030.

The advanced waste processing procurement will ensure facilities:

  • meet best-practice environment protection requirements and energy efficiency standards
  • reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill
  • do not displace or inhibit innovation to reduce or recycle materials
  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions compared to the waste and energy services they displace
  • have sustainable business models creating new jobs and economic development in local communities.

Advanced waste processing technologies have been used successfully and safely overseas for years as an alternative to landfill. The new facilities are expected to attract investment of around $650 million and create jobs during construction and permanent operating jobs.

It is expected that the process will take close to two years to reach a final tender stage and a 20 to 25-year contract will be awarded by 2022, with construction starting in 2023.

Last updated: 07/10/2020