City of Darebin: Construction of a waste recovery platform

The objective of the City of Darebin’s waste recovery platform infrastructure project was to increase diversion of waste from landfill at the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre.

When the original waste recovery platform was designed, the salvaging of materials was not considered.  The design meant that staff found it difficult to recover materials that were not separated prior to disposal, which limited the recovery rate to less than 40%.

It was identified that greater waste recovery could be achieved if access to the platform and heavy inert disposal areas were improved.

To increase the recovery rate and provide a safe working environment for employees, funding was sought to construct a cross-over walkway with a large elevated salvaging platform and new heavy inert waste sorting bays.

The project took eight months from construction to commissioning and involved implementing plans, approvals, contractor selection, contract sign off, construction and staff training.

Since installation, there has been an increase in the recovery of recyclables including non-ferrous metals, plastic containers and commingled bottles and cans. These items along with cardboard were challenging to recover previously when access to the floor was restricted.

Recycling has increased as follows since installation:

  • Cardboard - 144.1 tonnes or 41%
  • Commingled - 7.54 tonnes or 63%
  • Non-ferrous – 7.5 tonnes or 28%
  • Plastic – 4.3 tonnes or 175%

It should be noted that these increases in recovery are based on baseline data from 2011/2012 and only include the first six months of data since waste recovery platform installation. Fortunately, other new initiatives implemented during the project period, such as an expansion in e-waste recycling, also allowed the City of Darebin to increase diversion to 51% for 2013/2014.

The Darebin Resource Recovery Centre is now a more organised sorting facility. Customers have specific drop off areas for all types of inert material and can easily separate their recyclables according to their load which minimises contamination.

Site staff now have the ability to retrieve a higher quantity of recyclable goods, including market shop goods, timber, steel and cardboard. They are also able to access items from the waste recovery platform at ground level which is beneficial for staff health and safety.

For more information about this project please contact the Coordinator Operational Projects and Fleet at City of Darebin on (03) 8470 8888. Documents about the project are available below.

Project resources:

  • Waste Recovery Platform MF R2 Final Report - Darebin Report 1.7 MB

    This final report outlines the outcomes, findings, project highlights and recommendations for the Darebin City Council Metro Fund Round 2 'Construction of a Recovery Platform' project. The objective of this project was to increase diversion of waste from landfill at the Darebin Resource Recovery Centre. This was achieved through the development of a new recovery platform, green waste sorting bay and heavy inert bunkers.

  • Metro Fund: Darebin Waste platform Case Study 1.2 MB

    This case study examines City of Darebin building more efficient infrastructure at their Resource Recovery Centre.

Last updated: 20/05/2020