City of Yarra: Community Resource Recovery Hubs

Yarra’s Community Resource Recovery Hubs were set up to optimise source separation and resource recovery of items that can be recycled or reused, but don’t go in the home recycling bin, such as clothing and small electrical items. As Yarra’s population turns over by 50% every seven years, with a high number of renters in the municipality, there tends to be a heap of these goods which renters are looking to get rid of when they move in, and out, or trade up in standard or fashion.

The Hubs were aimed principally at household goods and small electrical items, extending to polystyrene, soft plastics and cardboard if practical. There are now Hubs at five sites across Yarra, each with two bins for household goods and one for small electrical items. The opportunity to recycle unwanted goods is appreciated by the residents, and the bins are working well, except for the Hub outside Officeworks, which has now been removed.

To encourage people to use the bins correctly, maximise the amount collected, and discourage dumping of items around the Hubs, the bins were placed in open, clean places, and decorated with graphics that clearly showed the household items which could be put in them. The graphics have a positive retro feel that reflects Yarra’s alternative culture. Yarra’s Hard Waste Collection phone number is printed on the side of the bin to steer disposal of goods that didn’t belong in the Hub bins.

The Hub bins have recovered 50 tonnes over the 10 month project period. The items are being collected by Southern Cross Recycling, with 95% of the goods being re-used, or recycled. The enthusiasm of the residents who were leaving materials at the bins, the amount of items collected for reuse or recycling, and the positive comments on social media show the project was definitely worth it. The program is continuing and is being promoted as part of the Yarra recycling culture.

For more information on the project please see the documents below.

Project resources:

  • Community Hubs MF R3 Final Report - Yarra Report 640 KB

    This final report outlines the outcomes, findings, project highlights and recommendations for the City of Yarra 'Community Hubs' project. This Metro Fund Round 3 project aimed to encourage improved recycling behaviour across Yarra residents through a package of easy to use Community Resource Recovery Hub bins, clean sites, good signage and promotion.   

  • Community Hubs Put in Bin poster -Yarra Promotional item 592 KB

    This poster was developed by Yarra City Council for the Metro Fund Round 3 'Community Resource Recovery Hubs' project. The poster highlights recycling and was designed to improve community engagement with the project.  

  • Community Hubs Artwork - Yarra Other 606 KB

    This artwork was developed by Yarra City Council for the Metro Fund Round 3 'Community Resource Recovery Hubs' project. The hub artwork was commissioned to fit in with the Yarra culture, encourage people to use the bins, and make the bins look clean and colourful.   

  • Metro Fund: Community Resource Recovery Hubs Case Study 1.1 MB

    This case study follows the City of Yarra's 2016 project which introduced five Community Resource Recovery Hubs to its municipality in an effort to keep textiles and small household and electrical items out of residents' waste bins - and out of landfill.

Last updated: 20/05/2020