City of Melton: Resale Centre Upgrade

The City of Melton is aiming to increase the capacity of the Melton Resale Centre to fully maximise the recovery and re-use of materials via the council’s hard waste collection service and resident materials drop off. This project has enabled the Resale Centre to:

  • enhance the hard waste collection service drop off point within the Resale Centre to maximise resource recovery
  • increase safety via a segregated and secure drop off location
  • improve storage for items such as building materials and other items which are impervious to weather conditions. The storage area was previously insufficient and prevented the recovery of most building and other impervious materials.
  • increase the building footprint to allow greater volumes of materials to be diverted
  • provide a more user friendly drop off zone in order to quarantine materials dropped off from items listed for sale within the Resale Centre.

 For more information on this project please see the documents below.

Project resources:

  • Resale Centre MF R3 Final Report - Melton Report 1.1 MB

    This final report outlines the outcomes, findings, project highlights and recommendations for the City of Melton 'Resale Centre' project. This Metro Fund Round 3 project aimed to maximise the recovery and re-use of materials derived from Council’s hard waste collection and drop-off services through the development of a new Resale Centre.   

  • Metro Fund: Melton Resale Centre Case Study 3.9 MB

    This case study outlines the expansion of Melton's Resale Centre and the impact it has had on items being diverted from landfill.

Last updated: 20/05/2020