City of Kingston: Who's Eating Your Scraps?

Over a fifteen month period the City of Kingston coordinated the ‘Who’s Eating Your Scraps?’ project with the aim of reducing organic waste to landfill and plastic bag waste by influencing participants’ shopping and food waste disposal behaviour. The result was a significant diversion of organic waste from landfill bins into composting systems and also a reduction in soft plastic waste generated.

Measurement of how full participants’ landfill bins were on collection day against a baseline figure, and the number of Council supplied ‘kitchen buckets’ of organic waste that were composted per week, combined to determine the amount of landfill space saved and subsequent greenhouse gas averted. This information and a range of anecdotal feedback was requested and collated at three months and 12 months from the date the participants attended the initial workshop and established the composting system given to them.

Workshops involved discussion of the environmental, economic and garden benefits of composting, the set-up and maintenance of three common reprocessing systems for organic waste. Half the workshops also included a tour of the local Farmers Market to reinforce packaging avoidance and reusable shopping bag habits, as well as the concepts of food miles, short supply chains and bulk-purchasing.

The project’s goals to affect behaviour change (to reduce waste and share the information and experiences gained) were met and sustained, and via ongoing support from the Council’s Environmental Education Program it is anticipated that the benefits will continue well beyond the project itself.

The Kingston business community’s involvement in the project, through the connections made with the local Farmers’ Market and Bunnings stores and the concurrent ‘Greening Kingston’ workshops and seminars, has strengthened the waste reduction message and encouraged participants to remain engaged on sustainability issues across various initiatives.

Council’s ‘Our Place’ website and facebook pages were introduced to all electronically savvy project participants, and newsletters and invitations sent by mail to those ‘not so connected’, to keep communication alive between ‘Who’s Eating Your Scraps?’ facilitators and participants, and to promote peer support and crowd sourcing for solutions to composting challenges.

For more information contact the City of Kingston Waste Services Coordinator on (03) 9278 4444.

For more information about the Metro Fund contact or phone (03) 8698 9800.

Project resources

  • Who’s eating your scraps MF R1 Final Report - Kingston Report 1.3 MB

    This final report outlines the outcomes, findings, project highlights and recommendations for the Kingston City Council 'Who’s Eating Your Scraps?' project. This Metro Fund Round 1 project aimed to reduce organic waste to landfill and plastic bag waste by influencing participants’ shopping and food waste disposal behaviour.

Last updated: 20/05/2020