City of Monash: Recycling Education Program

The key purpose of this project was to reduce recycling bin contamination and dumped rubbish in and around student accommodation and multi-unit dwellings in the Clayton area. As there is a high level of transient and non-English speaking background residents within this community, this project aimed to design and distribute educational materials for recycling and dumped rubbish to suit this demographic.

To distribute information the following activities were undertaken:

  • Project promotion at the Monash University Mid-Year Festival in 2012 and O’Week Festival in 2013
  • Monash Environmental staff and culturally and linguistically diverse community (CALD) education officers attended the Clayton Street Festival in February 2013 to promote the Monash resource recovery projects
  • Distribution of new pictorial bin contamination stickers to place on contaminated recycling bins in the project area by the Waste Auditor
  • Installation of signage in bin corral areas within multi-unit dwellings to promote correct bin use.

The pictorial based recycling bin education stickers resulted in an overall reduction of about 18 per cent in contamination in the target area. In the most dramatic example, an area that recorded the municipality's highest contamination rate of 66 per cent (Normanby Rd and surrounding streets around Monash University) saw a huge reduction after application of the stickers. This area was the target of a combined education approach with the information stickers placed on front panels, and contamination stickers sealing the bins shut. Two consecutive collections later, only 17 per cent of the bins were contaminated, the majority only slightly compared with the initial inspection.

The November 2012 dumped rubbish audit recorded the lowest number of dumped rubbish sightings of all of the nine similar surveys, while the May 2013 audit recorded the fifth lowest number of sightings. These results suggest the identification and taping of offending dumped waste may have contributed to a change in the previous pattern of behaviour. It must also be noted that the accompanying educational information provided to residents in recent months has reinforced the message that illegal dumping is not acceptable.

The materials developed from this project will be provided to the Waste Services Department for distribution across the municipality. The bin recycling stickers can be applied to all new or replacement bins for residents, while the bin contamination stickers will be provided to the external Waste Auditor for use in residential recycling bin audits. Any bin corral signage that is not used in the project area can be distributed to other multi-unit dwellings in the municipality. 

For further information contact the City of Monash Waste Education Officer on (03) 9518 3555.

For further details about the Metro Fund contact or call the Strategic Resource Recovery Team on 8698 9800.

Project resources:

  • MUDs Recycling Education MF R1 Final Report - Monash Report 1020 KB

    This final report outlines the findings, project highlights and recommendations for the Monash City Council 'Recycling Education Program for Students and Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDs)' project. This Metro Fund Round 1 project targeted household recycling and dumped rubbish in MUDs and student accommodation.

  • MUDs Recycling presentation - Monash Promotional item 3.1 MB

    This presentation was developed by Monash City Council for the Metro Fund Round 1 'Recycling Education Program for Students and Multi-Unit Dwellings (MUDs)' project. The presentation outlines the key issues, project objectives and results, and highlights collateral/promotional items that were used throughout the project.

Last updated: 20/05/2020