Metro Fund Round One

On 8 December 2011, $800,000 was announced for local communities to deliver projects that help improve recycling and reduce the amount of waste going into landfill. All Metropolitan Local Government Waste and Resource Recovery Fund (Metro Fund) Round One projects were completed by June 2014.

The summary table below outlines the successful projects, the funding they were allocated and their activities. Please click on the blue titles in the tables below to read more about these projects and to find helpful project resources.

Council/organisationProject summaryFunding
City of Melbourne

Improving recycling in high rise residential buildings
Working with building managers and owners’ corporations to identify and implement improvements to recycling systems.

City of Melbourne Public housing recycling service trial - Recycle Now
Providing a recycling service to two high rise public housing sites that do not have a recycling service.
City of Boroondara Waste smart schools and families
Using schools to facilitate household behaviour change through household bin audits and innovative interactive games.
Cardinia Shire Council Halve Your Waste
Increasing recycling in schools through external collection bins, free compost bins and the development of internal bin systems.
City of Darebin Flexible Plastic kerbside recycling trial
Investigating the collection of soft plastics at kerbside.
City of Monash Recycling Education Program
Developing a project Task Force to reduce bin contamination and increase recycling
City of Monash Waste and recycling education program for culturally and linguistically diverse communities
Engaging households across three CALD groups in an intensive waste and recycling education program.
Bayside City Council Zero Food Waste to Landfill
Establishing an approach to diverting food waste that can be scaled according to available resources and desired outcomes.
Kingston City Council Who’s Eating Your Scraps?
Positively influencing community behaviour through information dissemination of waste reduction concepts and a reduction of waste in kerbside garbage bins.

Last updated: 20/05/2020