Litter Hotspots Round Two

On 9 October 2014, the Cleaner Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay Litter Hotspots Project Round Two Funding was announced. Sixteen local government, business  and community projects received funding to implement litter prevention programs in the Yarra River and Port Phillip Bay catchment.

Round Two funding comprised eight Annual Small Grants (ranging from $5,000-$15,000 for 1 year) and eight Multi-Year Grants (up to $200,000 over 3 years) totaling a funding allocation of $1,264,821.  

The tables below outlines the Round Two projects, the funding they were allocated and their activities.


2014-15 Annual Small Grants
Council/organisationProject summaryFunding
3rd Croydon Scout Group Yarra Litter Removal Program Yarra Litter Removal Program
A Yarra River capacity-building project aimed at supporting the 3rd Croydon Scout Group (in partnership with Melbourne Water's River Health team) to operate and manage an ongoing canoe litter removal program along the Yarra River from Wonga Park/Lilydale through to Warrandyte. The project seeks to significantly reduce the amount of free litter and debris along this section of the Yarra, helping to improve the condition and amenity of the Yarra River via a program of clean up events and education activities while collecting yearly data on litter collected and removed.
Friends of Westgate Park Inc. Keeping Westgate Park Litter Free
A community-partnered project aimed at reducing litter within Westgate Park and along Yarra River frontage. Friends of Westgate Park partner with a range of volunteered-based organisations, such as Port Phillip EcoCentre, Landcare and Conservation Volunteers Australia to conduct litter clean-ups and community awareness raising activities.
Friends of Williamstown Wetlands Incorporated (FOWW Inc) Wader Beach for Birds not Litter
A bayside wetlands community group project aimed at identifying the nature and extent of litter that is washing up on Wader Beach just east of the mouth of Kororoit Creek near Williamstown. The Friends of Williamstown Wetlands, with the assistance of Hobson's Bay Council and the Port Phillip Eco-Centre will conduct litter surveys to identify where the litter is coming from with the purpose of formulating an action plan to clean up and reduce litter in this area of high conservation value and prevent remobilisation of the litter into the bay.
Kingston City Council Filter it out
Community engagement, education and enforcement project working with local community groups, foreshore clubs and businesses near key hotspot locations.
Maribyrnong City Council Footscray Litter Prevention

A shopping precinct project aimed at reducing litter in the Maribyrnong River. Maribyrnong Council will conduct litter audits at key hotspots in the Footscray Business District, analyse contents of litter traps, survey community attitudes and use the findings to develop and deliver, in partnership with the Footscray Traders Association a targeted education campaign for shoppers, traders and visitors.

Maroondah City Council My Mullum Mullum Creek
A community engagement, infrastructure and enforcement project focusing on reducing small litter and dog poo along the Mullum Mullum Creek trail in Maroondah. The council will seek to build relationships with key internal and external stakeholders, conduct community workshops to engage and educate recreational users of the Mullum Trail, nearby residents and businesses, install litter bins at key points along the trail and signage at the entrances, communication materials to distribute to local dog obedience clubs, schools, businesses and undertake enforcement activities.


Melbourne City Council



Food Businesses & Stormwater Pollution
A Stormwater food trader and community precinct engagement project focused on improving the water quality of stormwater run off from Chinatown. This Melbourne City Council project expands on the litter hotspots project that was completed in Bulleen’s Lane and Waratah Place during 2013/14. The project will involve data collection, site inspections and engagement activities conducted by the Council's Environmental Health Officers responsible for food services enforcement.
Monash City Council Keep Kingsway Clean
A shopping strip trader engagement program focusing on protecting stormwater from cigarette butt litter, oils and food waste arising from traders in Kingsway, Glen Waverley. Monash City Council visits, development of education resources and interpretative signage for CALD communities, drain stencilling and water testing with the aim of reducing floating litter and stormwater pollution appearing in Scotchman's and Gardiners Creeks.
 8 Projects  Total funding for Small Grants $84,480


2014-17 Multi-Year Large Grants
Council/organisationProject summaryFunding
Bellarine Catchment Network Caring for Corio Bay
A multi-partnership alliance program focusing on co-ordinating and integrating awareness, infrastructure and enforcement activities to reduce litter and improve water quality in Corio Bay. Bellarine Catchment Network will create an alliance of community groups, government agencies and private businesses working within the Corio Bay catchment to coordinate their efforts to reduce general litter, sediments and nutrients running into Corio Bay.
Hobsons Bay City Council Cigarette Litter Reduction
A comprehensive engagement, infrastructure and enforcement project aimed at reducing cigarette butt litter at six key hotspots that have been identified as impacting on the health and amenity of local beaches and waterways. Hobson's Bay Council will coordinate activities of its departments and work with key community stakeholders to educate smokers about the cigarette butt litter problem, the impact it has on the environment and the penalties that apply. Smokers will be provided with the information, tools and infrastructure necessary to facilitate behaviour change. The project builds on the Yarra Bay litter hotspots research that was carried out in 2013/14.
Manningham City Council Development of Riversafe Low Maintenance GPT
A strategic infrastructure and stormwater engagement project aimed at trialling the use of new 'Riversafe' low cost maintenance gross pollution trap (GPT) prototypes to manage the collection of stormwater litter pollution. Working with Monash University Water for Liveability Centre and Neighbourhood Activity Centre Traders Associations, Manningham Council will install GPT prototypes at nine of its neighbourhood activity centres located across Manningham, including the Doncaster Hill principal activity centre. The council will also utilise the installations as an opportunity to conduct community and trader education to improve personal responsibility for litter disposal and prevention, with the aim of helping to improve the quality and amenity of the Yarra River waterway corridor.
Melbourne City Council Operation ‘Bin infrastructure’ – Cigarette Litter
A cigarette butt litter prevention and recycling project targeting key university and hospital litter hotspots in Melbourne. Melbourne City Council will engage and work collaboratively with identified universities and hospitals to install innovative butt bin recycling infrastructure to capture the increased volume of butt litter that is appearing on campuses and around hospital premises. The council will also collect litter data, install new signage, and undertake community surveys, community engagement activities to reduce litter flow into stormwater drains and the Yarra River.
Port Phillip Eco Centre Inc Turn Off The Tap: Catchment to Bay litter prevention & monitoring
An extensive plastic litter data collection and monitoring program across multiple sites in the Yarra Bay catchment area. Port Phillip EcoCentre with its key partners - Beach Patrol Australia, Friends of Westgate Park, Upper Yarra Landcare, Yarra Riverkeeper, Tangaroa Blue and the Connies plan to use their networks to undertake litter surveys, conduct school education activities and clean-up action at sites along the Bay, Yarra and Maribyrnong Rivers and along smaller waterways within the catchment .
Tangaroa Blue Foundation Ltd Operation Clean Sweep
An industry engagement program focused on reducing plastic resin pellet pollution in the Bay. Tangaroa Blue plan to work with the plastics industry, bayside councils Kingston and Wyndham, the Western Region Environment Centre and Werribee River Association to pilot an industry engagement program.
City of Whittlesea Reducing Litter and Dumped Rubbish along Significant waterways within the City of Whittlesea
An upstream education, infrastructure and enforcement project targeting litter and stormwater pollution in the Merri, Edgar and Darebin Creeks and Plenty River. Whittlesea Council will be employing a Litter Prevention Officer to target litter and rubbish emanating from high growth residential building sites and estates that are impacting stormwater and local waterways. The project includes a focus on site clean ups, community engagement, awareness raising, installation of litter infrastructure and surveillance equipment.
Yarra Ranges Council Communities for Platypus – litter-free towns
A community capacity building program aimed at reducing litter and stormwater pollution entering the Yarra River at Warburton and its tributaries in Belgrave and Healesville. Yarra Ranges Council will utilise a mix of education, infrastructure and enforcement strategies. This includes undertaking research to identify litter hotspots and causes of litter, implementing a 'Communities for Platypus' engagement program with schools, township communities and traders to highlight the problems caused by litter and dumping of rubbish in local waterways, designing artwork and installing bins and signage where needed, and establishing litter-free townships groups to support further action and drive town-specific interventions.
 8 Projects Total funding for Multi-year Large Grants $1,177,978

Last updated: 17/07/2017