Current strategic projects

Advanced waste processing (AWP) project

MWRRG is leading a group of 16 councils in Melbourne’s south east to seek proposals from industry for a smarter way to deal with household rubbish.

The project will deliver a vital alternative to landfill that will transform how household rubbish is managed by putting it to good use, instead of burying it in the ground.

Advanced waste processing solutions are sophisticated technologies that recover more resources (materials and/or energy) from waste compared to landfill or basic recycling sorting and will play a significant role in achieving the Victorian Government's new target to divert 80 per cent of household rubbish from landfill by 2030. Read more about the AWP project here


Commercial and Industrial Waste Strategy

Increasing the recovery of commercial waste material streams is one of the key actions to support the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan 2016 (Metropolitan Implementation Plan). It falls within one of our four strategic objectives, to reduce waste sent to landfill. Commercial and industrial (C&I) waste includes waste generated from businesses, government and industry. 

There are significant opportunities for MWRRG to support and facilitate the recovery of some of the 926,000 tonnes* of C&I waste within metropolitan Melbourne that is landfilled each year.

MWRRG is developing a C&I Strategy, and has completed a number of activities including:

  • commissioning research into the current state of recovery for a range of priority materials including: food waste, plastics, autoflock, e-waste, expanded polystyrene (EPS) and mixed residual C&I waste
  • holding a C&I stakeholder workshop with consultants to discuss priority material research findings, key issues and opportunities for increasing resource recovery from C&I sources
  • commissioning an Issues and Opportunities Paper to inform the strategy and guide further stakeholder consultation.

This research is being used to develop the C&I Strategy and to plan projects that support delivery of the Metropolitan Implementation Plan.

*2014-15 figures.


Last updated: 20/05/2020