Advanced waste and resource recovery technologies procurement

By 2041, Melbourne’s population is projected to reach 7.8 million people and because of this, it will generate 63% more waste - around 16.5 million tonnes per year. With this growth, it is critical that we look at new ways of recovering resources and managing waste.

MWRRG is working with councils across Melbourne to explore future options to integrate resource recovery with the management of landfills in metropolitan Melbourne.

Managing municipal residual waste through Advanced Waste and Resource Recovery Technologies (AWRRTs) has the potential to recover more valuable resources from waste currently sent to landfill and to help achieve the objectives of the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan.

MWRRG is preparing a business case to inform local government’s decision about joining a potential group procurement for municipal residual waste processing solutions in 2018.

Industry engagement forum

MWRRG engaged with industry on establishing residual waste processing solutions on 22 and 27 November 2017. Over 42 mostly private sector organisations attended the forums including professional advisers and legal advisers, resource reprocessors, waste to energy providers, water authorities, transfer station operators and landfill operators.

Through the forums, MWRRG aimed to: 

  • inform the waste and resource recovery industry about the ‘who, what, when’ of the municipal residual waste processing solutions procurement process
  • explore what will maximise industry input to and participation in the process
  • allow collaboration between industry players in responding to the opportunity.

Rob Millard, CEO, and Paul Clapham, Senior Project Manager provided an overview of the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan and the project to establish residual waste processing solutions.

Participants collectively discussed three questions:

  • 1. What’s clear to you about the process?
  • 2. What’s unclear or missing?
  • 3. What can MWRRG do to maximise industry participation?

MWRRG is grateful for the feedback provided, and is reflecting on how best to incorporate these insights into the process for establishing residual waste processing solutions.

Further input or questions from industry can be provided via email to MWRRG. 

You can view the presentation provided at these forum below. 


Last updated: 20/12/2017