We work with Melbourne's 31 metropolitan councils to plan for waste management and resource recovery facilities and services across metropolitan Melbourne.

Guided by waste and resource recovery strategic framework, (which includes the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan) we aim to achieve best practice siting and operation of facilities, and to ensure our waste system is well planned and coordinated in a way that supports a healthy environment for our communities. 

Land use planning

Land use planning decisions play a major role in siting and operating waste and resource recovery facilities. Good planning decisions ensure that sites and facilities can safely and sustainably manage waste and maximise the opportunity for resource recovery while minimising off-site impacts on public health and amenity.

MWRRG has an important role in land use planning at both a state and local government level, including:

  • having a statutory role to prepare the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan
  • contributing to local government statutory and strategic planning through identifying strategic waste and resource recovery sites, engaging with local government in its consideration of planning permit applications, planning scheme amendments and Precinct Structure Plans
  • contributing to state government waste and resource recovery strategic planning such as the State Planning Policy Framework, Victorian Planning Provisions, growth areas, Precinct Structure Planning and Plan Melbourne.

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Improving resource recovery in multi-unit developments

Resource recovery outcomes for multi-unit developments (MUDs) are generally poorer than for single dwellings. Inadequate waste management in MUDs can also result in local amenity, health and safety impacts from poorly designed infrastructure and waste services including noise from use and collection of bins, odour, litter and dumped rubbish, and bins in public thoroughfares and streets.

MWRRG has developed the Improving resource recovery in multi-unit developments (MUDs) toolkit, which will assist councils to adopt and implement waste management planning considerations for unit developments (3 storeys and below) into their planning approvals process.

Read more about the MUDs toolkit.

Local Buffer Support Program

MWRRG delivered the Local Buffer Support Program between 2014 and 2019 in collaboration with regional Waste and Resource Recovery Groups, local government, and other state government agencies.

The program empowered metropolitan councils to respond to the land use planning challenges and opportunities set out in Plan Melbourne, the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan and the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan. 

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Last updated: 28/01/2022