Study tour highlights the success of waste to energy facilities in China

MWRRG Strategy Team Leader Julie Garbutt accompanied a delegation from the City of Greater Dandenong on a tour of waste to energy facilities in China in September.

The City of Greater Dandenong has a long standing sister-city relationship with Xuzhou and arranged to visit a number of waste to energy facilities in Xuzhou and elsewhere within China. Representatives from Mornington Peninsula Shire also participated in the tour.

The delegation visited five facilities in and around Shanghai, Nanjing and Xuzhou that used household garbage to generate electricity that was fed into the national grid. The delegation noted that the facilities were clean, very attractive with significant landscaping, sited in industrial precincts, operating without any noticeable odour and performed at European standards, with many sites exceeding those standards.

MWRRG is working with metropolitan local governments to explore the potential for establishing advanced waste and resource recovery technologies to recover more of the valuable resources contained in the municipal waste we currently send to landfill. Waste to energy technologies could be an option as part of our integrated waste and resource recovery network to help achieve the outcomes of the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan.

MWRRG is developing a business case, funded by the Sustainability Fund, for establishing advanced waste and resource recovery technologies. The tour of facilities in China provided valuable insight and understanding into the experience of other jurisdictions in delivering waste to energy solutions, and will help inform the business case.


Last updated: 11/10/2017