South east advanced waste processing procurement progressing

In March 2020, MWRRG released an expression of interest for an alternative to landfill for councils in Melbourne’s south east. Since then, the procurement has progressed with the three shortlisted respondents—Orbis Energy, Sacyr Environment Australia and Veolia Environmental Services Australia—now taking part in the solution development stage.

During the solution development stage, the respondents will develop and submit outline solutions and take part in competitive dialogue to ensure council objectives are met and reliable solutions are put forward. This stage is currently in progress and is expected to be completed later this year.

The final procurement stage is the call for final tender. At the end of this stage, councils will have selected a preferred solution.

About the procurement

MWRRG is leading the multi-stage procurement process on behalf of the councils to seek proposals from industry for an advanced waste processing facility.

The project will deliver a vital alternative to landfill and improve financial, environmental and social outcomes for residents in the south east of Melbourne:

  • less rubbish to landfill
  • valuable materials in household rubbish can be recovered instead of burying them in the ground
  • rubbish can used to generate electricity
  • less rubbish will be transported across Melbourne to landfills
  • greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced
  • new processing facilities will attract investment and create temporary construction jobs and permanent jobs.

No technology or site has been selected yet. This will be identified during the solution development stage of the procurement process.

Read more about the project on the smarter solution website.


Last updated: 09/03/2022