Product stewardship provides opportunities for councils, Forum hears

Batteries, mattresses, and textiles all present unique waste management challenges for councils―but emerging product stewardship opportunities could help increase recovery and improve environmental outcomes, the Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum heard earlier this month.

The theme of the June Forum meeting was “Product stewardship and growing a circular economy”. Over 60 guests joined the online event to hear from a panel of industry leaders about current and emerging national product stewardship schemes for recovering and recycling batteries, mattresses, uniforms, and other challenging materials. 

Forum delegates were eager to hear about the role of councils in product stewardship. The panellists encouraged councils to support stewardship schemes in their procurement policies by preferencing companies that participate in schemes and supporting end markets by purchasing products made with recycled content. 

Councils also have an important role in community education, for example by referring residents to the recycle my mattress website to find out how they can dispose of old mattresses, panellists said. 

Speakers included representatives from:


Last updated: 17/09/2021