Organics processing milestones achieved

Two significant milestones in diverting food and garden waste away from Melbourne’s landfills have been achieved this month through MWRRG’s collective procurement for organic waste processing.

MWRRG has facilitated a competitive tendering process for the provision of organic waste processing services on behalf of five councils in the east of Melbourne. The two preferred tenderers have been announced for this contract which has the capacity to divert 120,000 tonnes of food and garden organics from landfill every year.

Meanwhile in the south east, contracts have been signed by eight councils with three contractors following an earlier competitive tendering process. This collective contract has the capacity to process 280,000 tonnes of food and garden waste per annum.

These two contracts, together with contracts in the north west, provide a network of facilities that provide all Melbourne councils the processing options needed to offer food and garden organic collections to households.

This organics processing network is on track to exceed the target set down in the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan of 400,000 tonnes of capacity by 2021.

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Last updated: 02/10/2018