New Director of Corporate Strategy, Projects and Communications

We are very pleased to welcome Josephine Regel to the role of Director of Corporate Strategy, Projects and Communications.

Josephine has extensive experience in the environment sector, most recently with the Environment Protection Authority Victoria (EPA), where she led the implementation of the Officers for the Protection of the Local Environment (OPLE) Pilot program. She has previously held the role of Manager of Industrial Waste and Sustainability, and subsequently oversaw EPA’s international relations and strategy, collaborating on environmental protection with environmental regulators around the world, including in China and India.

Josephine holds a Bachelor (Hons) of Applied Chemistry (Environment), and a PhD in Environmental Science from RMIT University.

With her considerable understanding of stakeholder engagement, innovation funding and waste management, we are delighted to have Josephine join our team. We wish her a very warm welcome, and look forward to working with her.


Last updated: 17/07/2018