MWRRG 2018-19 Annual Report published

MWRRG’s Annual Report was tabled in the Parliament of Victoria on 31 October.

It provides a snapshot of our performance and achievements for 2018-19. It includes details of the activities we have undertaken and audited financial statements.

Highlights from the report include:

  • Effectively managing contracts for councils worth $100 million annually:
      • Four landfill contracts on behalf of 26 councils with 732,451 tonnes of waste.
      • One recycling processing contract on behalf of five participating councils with 50,817 tonnes of recyclables.
      • Three organics processing contracts on behalf of 21 councils and six organics overflow contracts used by six councils with 286,088 tonnes of organics.
  • Reducing commercial and industrial waste through 180 commercial and industrial waste audits, 100 people attended a networking event to share food waste solutions and two case studies on food waste reduction.
  • Promoting green waste recycling through the Back to Earth Initiative eastern garden competition which attracted 58 nominated projects, 18,400 votes from residents and reached 109,000 residents on Facebook.
  • Empowering councils to deliver effective food waste recycling through our new food and green waste collection guide and our evidence based communications guideline. We delivered four workshops and nine presentations to share the new publications.
  • Finding smarter use of waste through 15 councils participating in the advanced waste processing business case and 16 councils in the south east joining the procurement for an advanced waste processing solution.
  • Developing the evidence base to take action through three new social research reports on food waste recycling, advanced waste processing and illegal dumping.
  • Protecting communities and the environment through three plans for waste and resource recovery hubs and leading a memorandum of understanding between key state agencies to implement a whole of government approach to land buffer protection.

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Last updated: 20/05/2020