Glass reprocessing generates discussion at Forum virtual tour

Glass collected from Victorian households can be recycled indefinitely into new glass packaging, attendees heard at a recent Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum (Forum) virtual tour, the ‘Bindance’ Film Festival. With councils preparing to roll out separate kerbside glass bins, and the upcoming introduction of a container deposit scheme (CDS) driven by Recycling Victoria: a new economy, participants were keen to hear more about these new services.

Chris De Fazio, Council Contracts Manager at Visy Recycling, explained that data from other states shows that CDS removes about 25% of glass from the recycling stream, and a separate glass bin improves the quality of paper and cardboard in the commingled bin. He shared a video of how glass is melted down at extremely high temperatures and formed into new glass bottles at Visy’s glass reprocessing facilities, and said that Visy is aiming to use up to 70% recycled glass in their glass packaging.

While bottles and jars can be recycled, glass such as Pyrex and drinking glasses contaminate the remanufacturing process, so residents need to be educated that only glass bottles and jars can go into their recycling bins, he said.

Other presenters discussed commingled recycling, composting, transfer stations and landfill. Read more about the tour here.


Last updated: 17/09/2021