Councils collaborating and leading this Plastic Free July

From tips and tricks to help you with your plastic free journey, to workshops on how to make your own zero waste products—councils across metropolitan Melbourne are collaborating to deliver high quality events to help their residents to reduce unnecessary single use plastics this Plastic Free July.

Events include:

Visit Plastic Free July, or your council website to see other events near you.

If your council isn't hosting an event this year, why not do a clean up and remove some of the plastic already in the environment? Tangaroa Blue Foundation is inviting people to complete a clean up during Plastic Free July and submit the data to the Australian Marine Debris Initiative (AMDI) Database. The data helps to identify litter issues and enables communities, industry and government to address the problem and stop the flow of litter at the source.

The AMDI Data Collection App will make it easier for you to upload data from your clean up directly to the Database. Check out these videos from Tangaroa Blue Foundation for hints and tips on how to make the clean up fun and safe.


Last updated: 22/06/2021