Child car safety seat recycling trial

Many child car safety seats are disposed of every year, with most being sent to landfill. Despite at least 90 per cent of materials contained in a child car safety seat being recyclable, there are currently limited opportunities to recycle them in Australia.

Last year sustainability consultants Equilibrium conducted child safety seat recycling trials in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland. MWRRG was involved in the Victorian component of the trial, which included close collaboration with seat manufacturers, automotive associations, local councils, recyclers and community groups.

The trial successfully explored collection issues and tested the feasibility of a product stewardship model to improve car seat recycling. Over 10 tonnes of seats were processed during the trial with a recovery rate of 82 per cent.

We have developed a case study and video exploring the trial, its success and opportunities for further action.


Last updated: 22/03/2018