Celebrating International Compost Awareness Week 2021

Recycling food scraps in your green bin, Bokashi, compost heap or green cone means we’re putting our food and green waste to better use by turning it into something valuable—compost. Composting is a great way to reduce waste sent to landfill, nourish soils and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

International Compost Awareness Week Australia (ICAW), is a week of activities, events and publicity from 2-8 May to improve awareness of the importance of compost, a valuable organic resource and to promote compost use, knowledge and products.

How is MWRRG increasing food and green waste recycling?

We’re increasing food and green waste recycling council services to help reach the Victorian Government’s Recycling Victoria target to halve food and green waste to landfill by 2030.

Our work has led to more than half of Melbourne councils now recycling food waste through their collection services. We’re continuing to help councils through collaborative procurement, contract management and support to access funding. By working with councils, we’re encouraging them to meet the Recycling Victoria target for all Victorians to get a green bin or have access to food waste recycling by 2030.

Councils send household food and green waste to a commercial composting facility where it’s turned into compost. The compost is then used to help farms and gardens across Victoria grow.

To further support this, we are developing a Metropolitan Organics Procurement Strategy, which will increase the network’s capacity to process more household food and green waste, to ensure we’re prepared for future growth in food and green waste processing.

How can Victorians compost more? 

There are lots of different ways to compost or recycle food and green waste. To celebrate ICAW some of our staff have shared the ways they do it:


Last updated: 11/02/2022