‘Bindance’ Film Festival delivers industry insights for councillors

While an actual Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum (Forum) bus tour was off the cards in August, councillors and waste officers were instead treated to a lively online festival of videos and presentations from industry experts to learn more about what happens to household waste and recyclables after they’ve been picked up from the kerb. The ‘Bindance’ Film Festival attracted more than 100 people and generated animated discussion between participants and industry experts.

Highlights included:

  • A demonstration of the combined in-vessel and windrow composting process in a series of short video clips taken at Saycr's south east Melbourne composting facility. The compost is used on farms, vineyards and market gardens, and blended with other organic materials for landscaping or improving remediated soils.
  • Footage of the Melton Transfer Station, which processed about 30,000 tonnes of waste last year, with 59% recovered. Planned site upgrade works, including expansion of the resale shop, will contribute to even greater resource recovery outcomes.
  • Information about landfill design and Cleanaway's Melbourne Regional Landfill, which is one of the largest landfills in the southern hemisphere and manages over 60% of Melbourne’s household rubbish.

Thanks to all presenters and attendees for their contributions to the Bindance Film Festival!


Last updated: 17/09/2021