Back to Earth compost helps produce 10K meals for people in need

Since the start of 2017, not for profit organisation Food for Change, has been using Back to Earth compost to help grow fresh produce and provide food relief for people in need.

The  Back to Earth compost (kindly donated by Enviromix), is created from your recycled green waste collected by your council’s kerbside service. 

Based in Clayton South, Food for Change grows a variety of fresh produce on unused land including zucchini, pumpkin, carrot, sugar snap peas, tomatoes, capsicum, cucumber, beetroot, radishes and more.

In just nine months the Food for Change site has produced enough food for over 10,000 meals and they’re hoping to double this in 2018.

“The Back to Earth compost has helped us maintain the soil quality and provide the plants with the boost they need to grow as much food as possible to help feed the hungry," Founder, Matthew Donovan said.

“We are doing some more planting before Christmas as the last lot worked so wonderfully well!”, Mr Donovan said.

The Back to Earth Initiative puts greenwaste to good use via compost donations to schools, kinders and community groups, as well as, farms and open spaces. Click on the map to see where else compost produce from your greenwaste is being used.

It goes to show that by using your council’s green waste collection service correctly, you can help to create valuable compost to help farms and gardens grow, as well as, reduce the amount of organic waste being dumped in landfill.


Last updated: 19/12/2017