Advanced waste processing request for tender issued

The South east metropolitan advanced waste processing procurement has reached a major milestone with the release of the first request for tender documents.

The three shortlisted respondents—Orbis Energy, Sacyr Environment Australia and Veolia Environmental Services Australia—will receive the full package of tender documents in a staged release.

The participating councils, through their company, South East Metropolitan Advanced Waste Processing Pty Ltd, will work with the respondents to ensure their social, environmental and economic objectives are met through the tender, which is expected to be finalised at the end of 2022.   

Hallam landfill is set to close in 2025 and councils in Melbourne’s south east have been working together to find a viable alternative to landfill for their household rubbish. This unique tender is taking a collaborative design approach, focusing on the interests of councils and their communities.

The process has been designed to empower the councils to develop a solution suitable for their needs while being flexible enough to consider any advances in technology and build on industry’s experience in delivering solutions.

Advanced waste processing facilities use proven technologies to put household waste to more productive use and provide an alternative to sending waste to landfill.

Advanced waste processing will help the Victorian Government deliver its circular economy policy and waste and recycling action plan—Recycling Victoria: a new economy—to completely overhaul Victoria’s recycling sector and reduce waste going to landfill, including the target to reduce waste to landfill by 80%.


Last updated: 26/11/2021