The Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum (Forum) has been set up to support the effective operation of the MWRRG. The Forum consists of a councillor (voting member) and a council officer (as an advisory, non-voting member) from each of the 31 council areas that make up the MWRRG region. The Municipal Association of Victoria and the Victorian Local Governance Association may send an observer to the meetings of the Forum. Other parties may also attend by invitation from the Forum.

The Chair and Deputy Chair are elected in February each year. For 2021 Cr Lina Messina (Darebin) is Chair and Cr Michelle Kleinert (Manningham) is Deputy Chair. MWRRG staff provide the secretariat for the Forum.

The role of the Forum is to:

  • develop local governments' capacity to deliver effective, efficient and sustainable resource recovery and municipal waste planning and management across the MWRRG region
  • engage with industry, government and community stakeholders to improve municipal waste management, resource recovery and planning
  • assist the MWRRG Board to engage councils across the MWRRG region in the planning and management of municipal waste
  • nominate four members to the Minister for appointment to the MWRRG Board, in accordance with the Environment Protection Act 1970.

For further information download the Forum Operating Guidelines.

The Forum meets four times a year. 


Forum representatives to the MWRRG Board

There are four councillors elected by the Forum to represent the 31 councils on the MWRRG Board. These councillors are nominated to the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change for appointment to the Board. After consideration the Minister makes a recommendation to the Governor in Council on the representatives to be appointed as Directors on the Board.

Meet the MWRRG Board.

Forum Working Groups

The Strategies and Policy Advocacy Group (SPAG) and the Technical Advisory Reference Group (TARG) are the Forum’s two working groups. Members of TARG are waste officers while members of SPAG are councillors who are representatives on the Forum. Both groups assist the Forum Chair set the agendas for meetings. MWRRG provides the secretariat for the Forum and its working groups.


The Strategies and Policy Advocacy Group (SPAG) assists the Forum to perform its function of advising the Board of Directors of MWRRG on matters and issues affecting the role of councils in waste management and resource recovery and act as a conduit for consultation between MWRRG and councils in metropolitan Melbourne. SPAG is made up of five councillor delegates.


The Technical Advisory Reference Group (TARG) investigates and makes recommendations to the Forum about the delivery of member council waste management services, including expert technical advice. TARG is made up of around 20 waste officers.

Last updated: 20/05/2020