Engaging with our stakeholders is an important part of MWRRG’s role, and aligns to the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan strategic objective of ‘delivering community, environmental and economic benefits’ as well as underpinning the plan’s other strategic objectives. 

Encouraging best practice engagement and delivering education programs can support resource recovery and diversion of wastes from landfill as well as build confidence and trust in the waste and resource recovery sector.

MWRRG engages with our Victorian Government portfolio partners, councils, community and the waste and resource recovery sector to manage our waste and resource recovery system to achieve the best possible outcomes for the community and our environment.

We use a range of methods to engage with our stakeholders from public consultations to networking events and workshops. We are also focussed on building the capacity of our stakeholders to help them work more effectively with the community.

Our Stakeholder engagement policy outlines our commitment to engaging with our stakeholders. 


Featured projects:

Working with the resource recovery sector to build meaningful engagement.

Engagement with culturally diverse communities.


Last updated: 28/01/2022