What we do

We work with Melbourne's 31 metropolitan councils to:

  • plan for waste management and resource recovery facilities and services across metropolitan Melbourne
  • facilitate joint procurement of facilities and services to provide better economic, environmental and waste management outcomes for councils
  • help build the capacity and knowledge of councils and their communities of world best practice waste minimisation and the opportunities and options available for improved services and infrastructure.

Metropolitan council region (click image to enlarge)

MetroCouncilsmap atAugust2014

Assistance provided by MWRRG to councils includes:

  • advising on best practice guidelines in municipal waste management and resource recovery technologies
  • coordinating education and awareness-raising programs for the community
  • commissioning and undertaking research into municipal waste management and resource efficiency
  • assisting metropolitan councils procure waste management services from waste service providers
  • managing contracts and arrangements between metropolitan councils and the providers of waste management services and facilities to those metropolitan councils
  • assessing the need for and planning for municipal waste management infrastructure and landfills in metropolitan Melbourne.

Read more about the activities we have undertaken in previous years, and the actions we are working on for the next three years, in our Annual Reports and Business Plans.

Last updated: 20/05/2020