Developing the plan

The development of the Metropolitan Implementation Plan took part in four main phases:

  • Gathering information and data including the Market Assessment process
  • Pre-draft engagement
  • Public consultation
  • Portfolio consultation and integration.

Read an overview of these phases below or, for full details of the consultation and engagement process, please refer to Appendix B – 'Stakeholder engagement and consultation processes' in the Metropolitan Implementation Plan (4.7Mb)

Development phases:

Gathering information and data including the Market Assessment Process

MWRRG gathered a range of information and data on the current and future capacity, services, challenges, demands and needs of waste and resource recovery infrastructure across Melbourne. This strong evidence was used to inform the development of the consultation draft and final plan.

Market Assessment Process

In 2015 MWRRG undertook the Market Assessment process to engage with the waste and resource recovery industry in order to understand its plans and aspirations. More than 60 submissions were received, proposing a range of waste and resource recovery infrastructure options to service the metropolitan region. The information gathered through this process formed a key input into the consultation draft, in particular the Infrastructure Schedule.

Pre-draft engagement activities

The purpose of pre-draft engagement was to inform the contents of the consultation draft. Pre-engagement activities included:

  • a workshop with the Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum
  • a Community Leaders Forum
  • engaging via the metropolitan local government CEO cluster meetings
  • targeted engagement with council representatives in strategic areas
  • an online community survey. 

Public consultation

The purpose of the public consultation process was to gather feedback on the consultation draft, and to identify further issues, interests and information. This information was used to inform the final Metropolitan Implementation Plan.

The consultation draft was released in November 2015 for five weeks (16 November – 18 December). A range of engagement activities with industry, local government, state government and the community were conducted. Activities included:

  • special introductory briefing for industry (a special briefing was also scheduled for key community members however due to a lack of interest did not go ahead)
  • four targeted workshops with industry, councils, state government and community leaders
  • four pop-up stalls to engage with the general public
  • four drop-in sessions in target areas close to important waste facilities or infrastructure
  • online portal hosting information and multiple ways to provide feedback – a quick survey, short comment or formal submission.
  • a special portfolio workshop. Feedback from this workshop was collated with the formal submissions and considered in the final plan.

Engagement activities were undertaken in strategic locations throughout Melbourne to ensure an even geographic spread. Over 2000 stakeholders participated by providing feedback. Read the public submissions.


Portfolio consultation and integration

Consultation and collaboration with state government portfolio partners occurred throughout the plan’s development. The purpose of this consultation was to achieve alignment with the State Infrastructure Plan and other government strategies and policies.

MWRRG has sought to align the Metropolitan Implementation Plan with regional WRRG’s plans and the State Infrastructure Plan. MWRRG has met with all regional groups including the chairperson of each regional group through the following forums:

  • Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Group Chairs meeting
  • Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Group Executive Officer Forum
  • Regional Waste and Resource Implementation Plan working group. (The working group provided a collaborative decision making structure to achieve integration of the state wide and regional plans).
  • Other meetings with WRRGs.

MWRRG has worked with Sustainability Victoria and Regional Waste and Resource Recovery Groups to align data collection, analysis and presentation.

Other portfolio forums used to consult with portfolio partners and achieve integration were the:

  • Metropolitan Implementation Plan working group, convened by MWRRG
  • Metropolitan Implementation Plan portfolio approval conference to further review the draft and undertake comprehensive one-on-one collaboration with key individuals to make sure feedback had been fairly and reasonably considered, convened by MWRRG
  • Waste and Resource Recovery Project Control Board, convened by DELWP.

For information about further consultation with other key stakeholders, Victorian Government agencies, local government, industry and the community please refer to the Metropolitan Implementation Plan (Appendix B – Stakeholder engagement and consultation processes)




Last updated: 20/05/2020