The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan

The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan (Metropolitan Implementation Plan) brings together statewide priorities set out in the Statewide Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Plan and applies them within the metropolitan context. This ensures our waste and resource recovery system is integrated and provides an essential community service.

The Metropolitan Implementation Plan’s objectives are to:

  • reduce waste sent to landfill
  • increase organic waste recovered
  • deliver community, environmental and economic benefits
  • plan for Melbourne’s growing population

For a brief overview of the plan please see the Snapshot of the Plan and refer to the key data, or to view the full plan please download the Metropolitan Implementation Plan (4.7Mb).

In developing the plan MWRRG drew on information, opinions and ideas from a range of stakeholders including the collective knowledge of our staff, our portfolio partners, industry representatives, local councils and the broader community.  Read more about how we developed the plan.

The final plan came into effect on 6 October 2016. 

Documents to download

Last updated: 28/01/2022