About us

The Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Group (MWRRG) is a Victorian Government statutory body responsible for co-ordinating and facilitating the delivery of waste management and resource recovery across metropolitan Melbourne. MWRRG was established in accordance with Environment Protection Act 1970 section 49C. This Act was repealed on 1 July 2021 and replaced with the Environment Protection Act 2017 (EP Act) which continued Waste and Resource Recovery Groups (section 382). Other governance obligations of MWRRG are set out in the EP Act sections 383 to 403 inclusive.

Our Board

The MWRRG Board is made up of eight directors appointed by the Victorian Government: four skills based directors are selected by the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change, and four are nominated collectively by the 31 councils that belong to the Metropolitan Local Government Waste Forum. The Chair is appointed by the minister and selected from the four forum nominated members.

The Board has responsibilities that include:

  • approving, where appropriate, policies and recommendations from sub-committees and staff
  • monitoring, reviewing and recommending changes on internal strategies and policies
  • participating in the development of the Metropolitan Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation PlanBusiness Plan and Annual Report
  • considering and approving the annual budget
  • appointing the CEO
  • assisting in the development and maintenance of positive relations between the Board, committees, staff, stakeholders and the community.

Our executive leadership team

JillRiseley web  Jill Riseley – Chief Executive Officer

Jill Riseley is a passionate advocate of sustainability and an accomplished executive and non-executive director with more than 20 years’ experience in leadership roles in the corporate and not for profit sector.

Jill’s extensive experience in senior roles includes complex, multi-stakeholder and regulated environments where she has led significant national consumer affairs and recycling initiatives and implemented procurement strategies in complex essential service markets.

She is a leader in sustainability and recognised for her work in combating climate change and delivering innovative and sector wide solutions to address environmental issues in local communities. 

Jill is accountable to the Board for leading the strategic and operational functions of MWRRG. Jill provides strong executive leadership and operational management, while playing a key role in the development and implementation of future strategies in line with our vision and objectives. Jill leads our executive team to deliver MWRRG’s functions, services and projects.

Rishad Syed – Director Procurement Services

Rishad manages contracts between councils and industry and leads collaborative procurements for advanced waste processing, landfill, organics and the processing of kerbside recycling.

Josephine Regel – Director Operations, People and Planning

Josephine leads a number of key functions including: People and culture, Reporting and research, Partnerships and networks, Land use planning and policy. Josephine is leading the transformation of our organisation to the new waste authority.

Slavka Scott – Director Communications and Engagement

Slavka leads strategic communications and stakeholder engagement, with a particular focus on corporate communications and engagement supporting the delivery of major waste and resource recovery procurement projects and Recycling Victoria initiatives.

Basil Ireland – Director Finance

Basil leads our finance and compliance functions and ensures MWRRG meets its high statutory and accountability standards. He is playing a key role to support MWRRG’s transition to a new recycling authority as a member of the executive team.

Last updated: 09/11/2021